Like any other successful company, Gold Street launched as "one of one" being the first of its kind in a marketplace that demanded something more from its real estate ecosystem. Our requirement is that we had to launch our firm in a downtown office space simply because the agent lifestyle was top of mind. We envisioned our agents parallel parking, and walking from the coffee shop to their downtown trendy office. Once they walked through the door, they'd be surrounded by motivated, like-minded, individuals who would all collaborate in efforts to take over the market and become top producers. We had several rockstar agents believe in us early on, and we grew. We threw an event like Ocala has NEVER seen: a $4.6M listing with live violin music, a rolex dealer, and hundreds of people attended. Within our first twelve months we grew to a firm of thirty outstanding agents and struck a deal to move into what we think is the best office in North Central Florida. Gold Street is not here by accident, we believe God has put us here to change the local market and create tomorrow's top producers. Our story is growing each and every day as we expand our operation and push the envelope, while maintaining exclusivity. 

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